2017 Photos/Video


Welcome to a video walkthrough of the 11th China International Food Safety & Quality (CIFSQ) Conference 2017 in Beijing, where you can see what over 800 leading experts experienced over two exceptional days. If you want to purchase the full footage of all the 147 educational presentations including keynotes and panel discussions, please contact Peter Lee at or call at 00852 2865 1118.

Opening keynote by Sun Meijun, Vice Minister, China Food & Drug Administration. A record setting 140 distinguished speakers were featured on the 2017 program

CIFSQ Conference 2017 attracted 868 attendees from 23 countries and territories, an increase of 15%

VIP Luncheon sponsored by Walmart FSCC was held in honor of the plenary speakers, session leaders and major supporters

New food safety solutions and technologies for labs and enterprises on display at the accompanying exhibition

3 engaging plenary panel discussions encompassing regulatory, industry and science topics were well received by the audience

14 educational breakout sessions on the program this year

39 leading companies exhibited in 2017

2017 Food Safety Showcase participants included Danone, McDonalds, New Hope Liuhe and Sanyuan

Frank Yiannas, Walmart Store led a panel on food traceability and blockchain technologies

Opening session speakers included top regulatory officials from CFDA, BMEL, US FDA, EFSA, USDA, FSANZ, AQSIQ, CNCA