2019 Agenda

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Next Generation & Whole Genome Sequencing – A Revolution in Public Health Protection
Advances in Fast and Reliable Microbiological Laboratory Methods
Innovative Applications and Future Trends for Chemical Analysis of Food
Novel & Health Foods: Safety Evaluation, Testing, Regulation & Production Systems
New Risk Assessment Approaches & Risk Mitigation Methods for Food Chemical Contaminants
Food Integrity, Authentication, Fraud & Traceability
Beyond Blockchain – Digital Management for Efficiency and Risk Mitigation in the Food Industry
International Cooperation and Local/Regional Initiatives for Food Safety Capacity Building
Engaging Consumers through New Concepts in Communicating Food Information
Global Forum on Food Sustainability
Latest Developments in Science & Policy to Curb Anti-Microbial Resistance
Emerging Trends and New Developments in Early Life Nutrition & Infant Formula Safety
Hot Topics for Managing Food Safety & Achieving Regulatory Compliance
Rapid Alert to Avert Food Safety Risks & Problems for Consumers
Food Allergen: Detection, Management, Control Programs, & Prevention