2016 Agenda

The CIFSQ Conference 2017 conference program is currently under development. If you are interested in the featured topics for this year, wish to make a suggestion or for speaking opportunities, kindly contact Kenny Sun at for details.

All Keynotes Joint Research Project on Food Safety - From Food Safety to Food Integrity The First Asia Pacific Food Allergen Management Workshop Current Risk Assessment of Global Food Chains Emerging Issues & New Developments in Food Safety Modern Methods & Solutions for Microbial Testing, Detection and Control Whole Genome Sequencing GFSI China Food Safety Initiative - Capacity Building Workshop Food Fraud: Vulnerability Assessments and Analytical Detection Joint Seminar of the European Commission and the European Food Safety Authority - Priorities in Food Safety 2016 – 2020 Analysis of Contaminants, Residues & Natural Toxins Predictive Microbiology & Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment Food Safety Culture – Implementing and Imbedding it into Companies and Regulatory Agencies / The Culture of Food Safety and Economically Motivated Adulteration Food Safety in China: Past, Present and Future

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