2020 Agenda

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FULL PROGRAM KEYNOTES & PLENARY SESSIONS BREAKOUT SESSIONS FOOD ALLERGENS: Food Allergens: Prevention, Detection and Management RISK COMMUNICATIONS: New Directions in Food Safety Risk Communications SUPPLY CHAIN: Systemic Management of Health Risks in Wholesale & Wet Markets CONSUMER COMMUNICATIONS: Research-Based Approaches to Consumer Communication and Education STANDARDS HARMONIZATION: Changes in International Regulations - Harmonization/Equivalence of International Food Methods HOT TOPICS: What’s New in Food Safety MICROBIAL TESTING: Advances in Rapid Microbial Testing Methods & Technologies for Safeguarding Food FOOD INTEGRITY: Ensuring the Authenticity of Food & Preventing Fraud FOOD SAFETY CULTURE: Building & Implementing a Culture of Safety SPECIAL FOOD: Development and Application of Food Formulated for Special Medical Purposes AMR: AMR Research and Control in Food Animal Pathogens TESTING & RISK ASSESSMENT: Testing and Risk Assessment of Combined Exposure to Multiple Chemicals FOOD DIAGNOSIS: Latest Developments in Chemical Analysis Methods and Technologies AUDITS: The Future of Audits

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